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Saturday, June 4, 2011

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The One Big Secret to Making the Law of Attraction Work for You

There are many articles, videos, and whole books that discuss aspects of the Law of Attraction and how to best apply it in your life. However, there is one big secret that can help you break through the barriers whenever you seem to be stopped.

To begin with an example: You want a new car, but you can't afford one now. So you visualize the car of your dreams - a bright red sports car. But wait... soon your monkey mind wakes up, and that red sports car becomes a symbol of what you DON'T have. Oops!

Here is a much more powerful way to apply the Law of Attraction. Instead of imagining the car, imagine the FEELINGS you will experience when you own that car. Imagine how secure and comfortable you will feel having paid cash for a reliable beautiful car, and still having a secure bank account. Imagine the confidence you will experience, and the sense of accomplishment.

Now, just forget the car, and focus on the feelings of security, comfort, confidence, and accomplishment.

The Universe may get you a bright red sports car as a physical embodiment of security, comfort, confidence, and accomplishment. But if not, wasn't it the security, the comfort, the confidence, and the feeling of accomplishment that you REALLY wanted in the first place?

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