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Friday, June 3, 2011

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My Personal Experience of God

What is your personal experience of God? Does God talk to you? Does God send you wordless intuitions when you most need them? Have you had the experience of receiving physical of emotional healing? Or the experience of acting as a channel to facilitate the healing of others?

On the other hand, perhaps your experience of God is that the whole concept is a fraud, and there is nothing beyond ourselves in the universe.

Are you willing to share your personal experience with others? If you are, Please write, as a comment below, whatever aspects of your personal experience of God you feel called to share. PLEASE do not make negative comments on the personal experience anyone else has shared.

In case you are reading this as an email, or an RSS feed, or on Facebook, the address for reading the experiences of others and entering your own (as a comment) is http://www.mind4joy.com/2011/06/my-personal-experience-of-god.html

My special thanks go out to those who are courageous enough to share their experience.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I personally don't believe in god or anything like that. And if there is a god I find him to be a coward. I think that the fictional believe that everyone has in him is just absurd. Why believe in a man who toys with your life for a living? I mean why do you thing god made you? So that you could have a happy little life with your family and friends? Trust me thats not it. The reason your beloved god made you was because he was bored. He got tired of sitting on his throne doing nothing so he made his self so toy to play with. The god you believe in is just a ten year old with a magnifying glass and guess what? your the ants. Thats why I won't believe in such a man because there is no way I could ever bow do to a man who looks down on everything around him. And if such a man does exist I promise on my life that I'll show that coward what real pain is like. Because I am my own god and I'll show the world what true power is.

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