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Monday, January 28, 2013

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Be Brave and Chase Your Dreams

Bill Clinton's three-part advice to the graduating students of Sidwell Friends School June 6, 1997...

Be brave, dream big,
and chase your dreams.
You will have your failures,
but you will grow from every honest effort.
- Bill Clinton

Be optimistic and be grateful.
- Bill Clinton

Be of service to others.
- Bill Clinton


Anonymous said...

thanks for giving me courage to be myself...to not to give importance to those who gives me lots of worries to ruin my life. to focus on my life, to make it worthy to live it and give my best to do whatever there is there to work for the glory of our lord god. i was given some special gifts that i can be useful of. i have something to be looking forward to...a very special talent not given to others but me.

BL said...

I'm so happy anonymous that you have realized what a gift you are. Use your special talent and share it with others, help them to see you in all your beauty.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for giving courage to know how to forgive to move on with life not holding on things that will sometimes pull us down.power of forging is divine and also a healing to a broken heart.

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