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Thursday, December 29, 2011

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Planting Seeds

Let this ending of a year, and the beginning of a new year be a time to consider what is really important in life.

New Years resolutions are most often abandoned by the end of January, and forgotten soon after, but New Years resolutions can help you to build a whole new life when they are based upon real commitments to long term values.

Please take time, right now, to write a list of your 5 or 6 most important values.

Test those values against this metric. Will each of those values still be high on your list in ten years? If you doubt the long term nature of the items on your list, consider revising it.

Now ask yourself whether the New Years resolutions you are about to adopt are the best reflection of the long term values on your list.

Your values, and the resolutions that you are committing to, are acorns that will grow into strong oak trees over the decades, so long as you continue your commitment and daily attention to them.

Choose well, and live into your commitment.

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