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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

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Eight Rules for Living Your Greatest Life

Eight Rules for Living Your Greatest Life

1. Honor yourself
Trust yourself, believe in yourself, and always act with honor.

2. Forgive both others and yourself for whatever has occurred.
Anger, hatred, vengeance, shame and guilt only hurt you further. Only complete forgiveness can create a joyful future.

3. Be grateful for all of life.
Be thankful you were born. Be thankful for every moment, for every bite of food, for each small joy. You were owed none of this. Everything is a gift.

4. Choose with open mind and open heart.
Make your own decisions, and make each decision from unconditional love.

5. Act from your vision.
Know your life purpose, and live each day to further that purpose.

6. Take action.
The best intentions mean nothing without action. Take action toward your life purpose each day.

7. Celebrate your life.
Let your life be a song and dance of celebration.

8. Know unity with Spirit and with all of creation.
Everything in creation is of the same masterwork. Everything is one.

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jayamohan said...

Thanks. It is so usefull and encouraging.

Cris L. said...

The biggest inspiration is to walk in the beat of ur heartbeat O:-)

andrea chiu said...

There are times that we encounter fear and disappointments in life yet we still manage to stand up straight and face it rather that being silent. That was a very good example of being a brave person. Well, I would like to thank you for sharing a very good article it is very much appreciated, good job! You can visit my site too if you want. Have a great day!



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