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Friday, November 25, 2011

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Miracles Need Both God and You

Every miracle needs two participants - God and you.

There are two things you need to do to begin a miracle. First, you need to have a genuine unselfish intention for the outcome. Second, you must do everything within your own earthly power to facilitate the miracle. Everything else is God's job.

To illustrate this, let me re-tell a very old story.

For years a man prayed each day, "Please God, let me win the lottery." After receiving no response whatever, he finally asked, "God, why have you forsaken me? All I asked was just to win the lottery."

The skies opened and a powerful voice answered, "Jacob, Jacob, meet me halfway. At least buy a lottery ticket."

I re-tell this story because it is cute, and not because winning the lottery is an appropriate miracle to ask for. But the takeaway is, "Meet me halfway." Don't expect God to do what you are able to do for yourself. God's part of the job is to do everything you don't have the ability to do for yourself.

Let's look at an example. Three people have cancer.

1. The first person says, "I'll have the surgery and the chemo. Who needs God."
2. The second says, "If I pray hard enough, I don't need modern medical treatments."
3. The third says, "My part of the miracle is the surgery and the chemo. I am meeting God halfway, and the rest of the miracle is God's job."

I would be that third person, believing that God expects us to use the earthly tools He has given us as our commitment to meet Him halfway.

If modern medicine offered no options, I would travel to Lourdes or to John of God to fulfill my part of meeting God halfway.

A miracle doesn't have to be about a life-or-death crisis. All of life is composed of smaller miracles. For each of those miracles meet God halfway - even if that just means standing in the rain and getting wet to get a better look at one of God's miracle rainbows.




Carol said...

Thank you for all your good thoughts you send our way. I run a Hepatitis C Support Group. So many people whom I'm trying to encourage to join our group know little about Hepatitis C and want to stick their head in the sand. They will say they believe that God will cure them. They keep on drinking, not getting biopsies or blood tests, never considering treatment for this terminal disease. I tell them I believe in miracles, and doctors and determination and our own fight are the miracles. We are stronger with God's help, I,like you believe He expects us to try our hardest. And another day of health might be our reward.

Jaspal Verma said...

Life is really full of miracles....
We can do are best and leave the rest on God..

Unknown said...

I really enjoyed those words of empowerment. I have been praying for God to help us with our fertility. I have been taking medications for so long and its hard to continue to do them as I am supposed to. I will try harder and do a better job of meeting God half way.

Anonymous said...

I ask God to help me financially and I buy a tattslotto ticket and no luck yet and he has helped me in other ways and I am very grateful but financially..need the help so badly so please help..amen

Anonymous said...

i believe in god and whatever he does for me. all through the years i can feel his love. he is there in good or bad times. now that i am in my crucial years i put everything in his hands, whether it comes as a miracle. he is the one who works in me. he knows my heart fully well. it must be a miracle that it came too late. i pray and believe that he will do the right thing for me. he knows i can't handle it anymore.

Anonymous said...

It is completely wrong to fail to our own part and expect a miracle. The woman with the issue of blood made an effort by touching the hem of Christ's garment.

Anonymous said...

Every time I go outside or look out my door, I experience a miracle because of the breath taking beauty of nature. God's touch is everywhere no manner the season. God bless you Johnathan. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.

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