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Thursday, October 6, 2011

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Steve Jobs - Great Failures on the Path to Great Success

Steve Jobs (1955-2011) will be remembered as a technologist-celebrity who defined personal electronics. He will also be remembered as a man who experienced devastating failures on the road to his great success.

Steve was a college drop-out before he started Apple. The Apple I was a dismal failure before the Apple II was introduced. In 1985, after Apple's star had fallen, Jobs was fired by the board-of-directors of Apple - the low point of his career in being ousted from the company he founded.

Following his exit from Apple, Job's Pixar Animation Studios and its The Toy Story movie was a success, but his NeXT computer was a commercial failure. However NeXT did provide a path for Job's re-entry to Apple with its acquisition of NeXT in 1996.

Apple's golden years began in 1997 as Jobs became its CEO once again. The iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad virtually define personal electronics - and they simply wouldn't exist without Steve Jobs. Yet let us not forget the failures on his path that led Steve Jobs to his great success.

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