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Sunday, January 1, 2012

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New Years Resolutions Require a Dramatic Change in Attitude

New Years Resolutions simply don't work if they originate just from the idea that you ought to make some changes. Real changes in your life require a dramatic change in attitude.

To create real change, you have to have to be committed to making real sacrifices. Consider whether there is anything about your life that you would run through fire to change. If there is, make the plans, set up the daily progress notebooks, track your progress daily, and be willing to do some suffering in order to accomplish the changes.

But if you have a casual attitude toward your New Years Resolutions, just cross them off your to-do list today, and save yourself the effort of watching them go down to their inevitable defeat.

Take a look at the dramatic imagery that my friend Dmitri Bilgere uses in this video to emphasize the degree of commitment needed to create effective change in your life.

Se more of Dmitri at livethelifeyoulongfor.com

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