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Friday, August 10, 2012

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Two Books by Personal Friends

Two of my personal friends have published books that you may find interesting.

Betsey Williams' father and my father were best friends in Northford Connecticut where I was born, so I have known Betsey for - gulp - over 60 years.

As a teenager, Betsey lost her mother to a car wreck. In later life, Betsey has cheerfully endured catastrophic health issues.

Betsey's book Oh, Mommie, Where Are You? is a very personal memoir and a testament to Betsey's personal relationship with Jesus. Betsey bears witness to the accessibility of Jesus in this life, and to the reality of life after death.

If you believe in a personal relationship with Jesus - or are open to believing - take a look at this book, and see if you are interested. Go to Amazon, and click to look inside Oh, Mommie, Where Are You?.

My personal friend Laura Shannon holds a view toward life that is very similar to my own, so I am naturally drawn to her book Be Happy Now.

Be Happy Now contains 62 lessons for living a joyful life that will seem familiar to readers of my own books and my Daily Inspiration messages.

Lesson #6: What you focus on affects your level of happiness or misery.

Lesson #8: Life won't always be what you think it should be. Accept it anyway.

Lesson #10: You can't enjoy life if you are wishing you were someone else.

Lesson #13: Be aware of how you talk about yourself. Words can either be empowering or victimizing.

Visit Amazon and click to look inside Be Happy Now.

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