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Saturday, June 25, 2011

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Please Introduce Yourself

To make the experience of this blog somewhat more personal, I invite everyone to introduce yourself by entering a comment below (at www.mind4joy.com in case you are reading this on Facebook or by email).

Please let everyone know why you are here and what you hope to gain from this blog. If you have any special requests - such as for advice, or for healing - please include those also. You are welcome to remain anonymous if you prefer.

I am sure everyone reading this post already knows who I am, but let me set the example by introducing myself...

I am Jonathan Lockwood Huie. I am married, age 66, and retired - except that I spend many hours each day on my inspirational and motivational websites, blogs, and email. I am here to share my commitment to joyful living for all through conscious choice.

Please introduce yourself in the comments below.


Anonymous said...

[from Facebook]

Colleen Becker commented on your post.
Colleen wrote: "I am Colleen Becker age 48 married and have a 26 year old daughter. I have a horse training and boarding barn where I care for 24 horses 7 days a week and love it. I read your inspirational quotes just to make my day complete!"

Anonymous said...

[From Facebook]

Rebecca Tomlinson Doane commented on your post.
Rebecca Tomlinson wrote: "Im Rebecca Doane and a retired school teacher of 23 years! I love your emails with quotes and I look forward to them everyday!.You are so kind to share!"

Anonymous said...

[from Facebook]

Kwame Boateng commented on your post.
Kwame wrote: "I am Kwame Boateng, 52 years, Librarian by profession. I am married with 2 elderly sons. I love reading, writing, gardening and video gaming. I love all persons and wish to have contacts with kind hearted persons around the globe whose interest is to pray for a better world for all."

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Pam Cybulski and I am 49 years old and a mother of three. I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 27 years!!!! I start my days reading my daily quotes. The gift that Jonathan brings to all is such a blessing. It is wonderful to be able to live by and share with others his beautiful messages. It is an immeasurable kindness that he gives and shares with others. He has made me laugh, cry, pray, believe, and live a little better each day. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

[from Facebook]

Lisa Smith commented on your post.
Lisa wrote: "I am Lisa Smith, age 51 work part-time as a school bus driver, trainer of new drivers,work part-time in the school with special ed. kids and have a horse farm where I breed Rocky Mtn. Horses. I enjoy the daily inspirational and motivational quotes because it makes my outlook on life positive. If I'm having a bad day it helps me realize that it's only a small part of the amazing life that I have. I'm grateful for all that we've achieved and appreciative that I wasn't paralyzed in a car accident in l997. Each day is a gift from god and reading your quotes is the icing on the top!!!!!:)"

Unknown said...

I am Elle Elaine on the www. I married at age 17 to my husband of 33 years. We have 5 children & 14 grands.
I am at a dangerous place in my life. Several major events including losing our home 3 times to hurricanes (completely to the flooding of Ike) & turning 50 began a domino effect better described as my "perfect storm".
I visit this site for words of encouragement as I journey through the darkness of crisis, depression & PTSD. I find the sight too "New Age" to share on my public pages but I filter out what helps me and leave the rest.
I am currently working on "what I want my future to look like". (an exercise from my wonderful therapist). It took me months but I now have 2:
"I don't want to die" & "it is what it is". The power of the first is obvious. The second is based on years of "morphing" into whatever I needed to be in order to be loved and accepted. This mindset has made "the true me" almost impossible to discern. I am learning to say, "this is where I am, or how I feel and it is what it is".
Deeply ingrained in all my thought processes is the belief that I am "bad" while everyone else is "good". I have not been convinced otherwise but am at the discovery stage where I find daily almost moment by moment how deeply rooted this false belief is.
My journey is a lonely one. Although surrounded by a strong support system, the struggles I face are heavy, confusing & overwhelming to those who love me. I am reaching out for like minded "strugglers" to whom I can share with & learn from.
Believing for better tomorrows, Elle

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am Tulip,27 year old girl, working as a software professional. I read your mails everyday to get inspiration. My life is tormented with events which make me sad and my health is deteriorating day by day. I want to help myself, want to lead a happy life. Thank you for nice mails. Tulip George.

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